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A Call for Men to Roar

"All are called but only few answer.."
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It is time. It is time for men to adopt their birthright. It is time for men to stand with our hearts and our heads and cause our own greatness once again. It is time for us as men to live by a code, a code that belongs only to us and that we, ourselves, own with one hundred percent conviction. 
This way of life cannot be given away, it cannot be provided by another, this adoption must come from within, from the very depth of our humanity, where we discover all that we are. 
We are so magnificent and wonderful, Men, with our rugged hands, bearded faces, and scarred bodies. We love these things, it is what we were born for. We were born to make passionate love, with absolute vigor and tenacity, then go out the next day and alter the planet, only then to come home again to that illustrious woman and know peace!
This is a call, a call to men to become ourselves again. We cannot find this within women and there is nothing wrong with this, this is something we can only find in the company of other men. To find wonderful company in men is something we must re-discover. A company of men can be your most incredible refuge from the storm. A safe haven of rugged men of heart that will tear the gates off the world so that you know brotherhood. Men who, when pushed to the limit, will accomplish everything that is miraculous for the sake of the others!
Gentlemen and ladies......IT....IS.....TIME