• Business Consulting & Management

    "Navigating the world of business with, Simplicity, Class & Elegance"

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    Business | Consulting

    3 Months | $2500/m

    Streamline vision, align your passion, create plans of action, and move forward.

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    Team | Consulting

    4 Hour Deep Dive | $3000

    One-half day of intense questions, discussion, and collaboration to streamline processes and explore opportunities for team cohesion.

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    Business | Management

    Talk with me about Pricing

    A full triage of your business along with on-going consulting and management of your process's and infrastructure.

  • Testimonials

    Hear from others

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    Maryl Petreccia

    Business Owner

    Tim is a technology savant who brings effective infrastructure for simultaneously executing today while also readying you to grow for tomorrow. Think of Tim as an artist whose palette is technology. He brings instant vision and clarity to crafting easy to assimilate solutions. Beyond “knowing” technology, Tim gets inside the head and habits of the users to see beyond so they get what they need now while being positioned for what’s next. I highly recommend Tim as I’ve availed myself to all of his offerings and I continue to come back for more. With Tim, I am taken care of and so are my promises & dreams. Thank you, Tim!!

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    Gary John Bishop

    New York Times Best-Selling Author

    Working with Tim is was like clockwork, our work together was seamless and in sync.

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    Xav Dubois

    CEO and founder, evox OmniMedia, PBC

    Tim's presence and agility in contributing to our organization quickly became our new normal and helped with my ability to deepen connection to our customers, vendors, and colleagues in a fast-paced startup world critically dependent on professionalism and communication.

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    Cherise Burdeen

    CEO - Pretrial Justice Institute

    From the first minute we spoke, I felt like I was talking with someone who not only got me but made it his personal mission to make my life easier. Not only did he quickly learn our organization's systems and people, but he was also incredibly responsive despite the time difference. He presented a professional front to external colleagues and clients, and told me the highlight of his time with me was when he scheduled my one-on-one with Senator Bernie Sanders.

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    Dr. Marc B. Cooper

    Coach & Consultant | MBC Consultants

    Tim is remarkable. He's brought tremendous value to the company in short order.

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    Jacquelyn Long

    Business Owner/Body Specialist

    Tim has helped me in so many ways. I have a working scheduling system, a professional website, design templates and many more things just from my time working with Tim. He has made my business run so smoothly, I almost don't know that it's running!

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    Michael Krapes, Psy.D

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Tim Long is a clear, powerful, inspiring coach and communicator.

    I have experienced his effectiveness in coaching others where they are present to their own true power, without barriers, and the freedom to be who they truly are. Tim brings his coaching with a loving connection and enthusiasm that inspires and instills trust and belief in oneself.

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    Steve Favazzo

    Business Owner/Asset Manager

    I met Tim while attending a seminar and was immediately drawn to his very apparent passion for people, his unstoppable energy, and his ability to connect with and inspire those around him. And as crazy as it may sound, I could see all these things within seconds. Very few times has witnessing someone in action inspired me quite like this. I knew that whatever this guy had I wanted...