• Mind Blowing Technology

    "The World at your Fingertips!"

  • Services & Training

    Learn the Basics | $150/h

    Learn the basics of Apple's star lineup of devices!

    1. Macbook Computer

    2. iPhone

    3. iPad

    4. iWatch

    5. Apple TV

    Home Networking | $200/h

    Design & implement easy to use, managed home networking solutions.

    Let's have it all work together!


    *$200 Design fee

    Website Design | 200/h

    Craft websites in Strikingly or Wix.

    Lets create your own personal website!



    Tech Consulting | $250/h

    Not sure where to turn next for your tech?

    What software works the best for finance?

    How do you implement calendars with your team?

    What should I do with all of this data?

    Let me help you decide.

  • Testimonials

    What other say!

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    Maryl Petreccia

    Business Owner

    Tim is a technology savant who brings effective infrastructure for simultaneously executing today while also readying you to grow for tomorrow. Think of Tim as an artist whose palette is technology. He brings instant vision and clarity to crafting easy to assimilate solutions. Beyond “knowing” technology, Tim gets inside the head and habits of the users to see beyond so they get what they need now while being positioned for what’s next. I highly recommend Tim as I’ve availed myself to all of his offerings and I continue to come back for more. With Tim, I am taken care of and so are my promises & dreams. Thank you, Tim!!

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    Cherise Fanno Burdeen

    CEO - Pretrial Justice Institute

    I had the good fortune to hire Tim Long for a year as my Executive Assistant, through Athena Executive Services. I run a 20-person, $5 million dollars, DC-based nonprofit and wondered how someone on the other side of the US was going to be able to manage my calendar, travel, and other administrative needs. My calendar alone is like an unruly child, constantly moving and changing, balancing both my work and personal life as a divorced mom of a teenage boy. I need not have wondered... from the first minute we spoke, I felt like I was talking with someone who not only got me but made it his personal mission to make my life easier. Not only did he quickly learn our organization's systems and people, but he was also incredibly responsive despite the time difference. He presented a professional front to external colleagues and clients, and told me the highlight of his time with me was when he scheduled my one-on-one with Senator Bernie Sanders. (That was a highlight of my year too!) Changes within our organization's funding made it so I had to give Tim up, but it was not because his support of me was a luxury or something I could live without....whomever gets to work with Tim will benefit and thoroughly enjoy his company.