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    "The World at your Fingertips!"

  • Services & Training

    Learn the Basics | $150/h

    Learn the basics of Apple's star lineup of devices!

    1. Macbook Computer

    2. iPhone

    3. iPad

    4. iWatch

    5. Apple TV

    Home Networking | $200/h

    Design & implement easy to use, managed home networking solutions.

    Let's have it all work together!


    *$200 Design fee

    Website Design | 200/h

    Craft websites in Strikingly or Wix.

    Lets create your own personal website!



    Tech Consulting | $250/h

    Not sure where to turn next for your tech?

    What software works the best for finance?

    How do you implement calendars with your team?

    What should I do with all of this data?

    Let me help you decide.