• "Its what life is all about!"

    Connection, People, Relationships

  • How I Work



    We need to get connected to whats really important, inside.



    After we have grown, collaboration is essential to trust and teamwork. This is where we delve into the inner workings of relationships.



    You have grown as a team and as individuals, now its time to strut and show the world who you are.

  • Pricing

    Single Session | $250/h

    A 1-hour session with me around relationships and what you're dealing with.

    3 Month Program | $3000/m

    A 3-month intensive program where we will work on foundation creation, communication clarity, and self-definition.

    Officiant/Pre-Marital | $400/$2500

    Getting Married? Work with me prior to getting married and after, not all the work happens at the beginning!

  • Weddings

    Take a look and enjoy!

    James & Chelsea's Wedding

    May 2016

    This was a wedding I officiated in May 2016. It was an honor and privilege to be able to work with such a wonderful couple.


    I worked with them for several months with their pre-marital counseling and they came together to create a lovely and beautiful marriage.


    Paul & Amanda's Wedding

    September 2016

    This was a wedding I officiated in September 2016 for two of my best friends, Paul & Amanda.


    We were in Temecula California at Villa de Amore and it was a gorgeous venue, with an even more gorgeous couple!


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    Matthew & Sabrena's Wedding

    April 2019

    This was a wedding I officiated in April 2019.


    They got married at Pine Rose Cabins in the beautiful, Lake Arrowhead, CA. I was incredibly humbled to share in the wonderful memories and fun!


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    Jeremy & Megan's Wedding

    May 2019

    This was a wedding I officiated in May 2019 for two amazing individuals I met where I lived, in Murrieta, CA.


    They got married at the Hard Cider House in Julian, CA! It was wonderful to witness all of their friends & family come together to share in their amazing memories!


  • Testimonials

    See what others say!

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    Serge & Izumi

    Military Service

    It is unbelievable to me how Tim Long was able to quickly restore the romance and intimacy in my marriage. Before I hired Tim, I had given up hope on our marriage and was in the process of filing for separation. After coming back from Afghanistan and meeting my little boy, the romance and intimacy between my wife and I hit a serious drought. I tried many marriage treatments, spent thousands of dollars and received no effective, lasting results.


    The day I met Tim, he spoke about his desire to be a contribution to humanity and the world of relationships. I felt his deep and authentic connection to his passion for people in relationships. I insisted he do what he does best and help me improve my connection with my wife. He quickly jumped at the opportunity and after one session, I completely understood my wife way more in just a few hours with Tim than I ever did in the last decade of being with each other. My wife and I have reconnected, restored our love for one another and love every minute of it thanks to Tim, WOW!


    When I speak to my friends about their loss around intimacy with their significant other, without a doubt, Tim Long is the solution I recommend.

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    Melissa Blynn

    Personal Trainer & Nutrition Expert

    In the year of 2012, I had the honor of crossing paths with this amazing soul by the name of Tim. Little did I know the night I met him, a beautiful friendship and an amazing coach would blossom.


    Over the years I have had a process of learning how to love myself and get through one of the hardest breakups in my life. I can remember during the process, Tim and I would text, work things out and by the end of it, I truly came out on the other side of things. I came out so clear minded.


    Tim is truly a wealth of knowledge and amazing life coach He helps inspire me to be bigger every day.

    Recently I had the opportunity to visit him again and we picked up right where we left off, and yet again I left him with such an overwhelming feeling of calmness and that I can do this!


    Thank you, Tim, for becoming someone who literally helps me let go of life and trusting the divine within my soul!

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    Oren & Claudia

    Business Owners

    I was referred to Tim by a very respected mutual friend. She raved about Tim and his ability to be able to help couples. Where I was at that point in time in my life my girlfriend and I needed all the help we could get. I called Tim and I could tell right away from his deep, powerful, confident voice that he would be able to help us; even if it was just a little.


    On our first meeting, I had realized I had met Tim before. He was wearing what appeared in my eyes to be, well basically and Bruce Lee style white jumpsuit. It was ingrained in my head. I said a guy who can wear that in public has got THE CONFIDENCE. So when we met at Peete's coffee for our first sit down with my girlfriend, I immediately remembered who he was and I felt at ease.


    Tims strengths were subtle but powerful. He would let us talk and his responses just had us sit with what we were saying enough so that we realized how stupid we were acting. Ill reference Bruce Lee again. It was very stealth how within what we were complaining about lied the answers which we ended up figuring out for ourselves.


    Tim worked with us financially. He also gave us much more time than we agreed to. I really appreciated him taking extra time with me personally to help me achieve a clear mind when things did get tough.


    You are in the right place if you find yourself in front of Tim at this point in your life.

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    Christine Kirnbauer


    I have seen Tim work magic on people. People gravitate towards Tim not because he is a well-liked gentleman because he is, but because he is authentically there for people. He listens to people in such a way where they are fully acknowledged for who they. He has the ability to see people's greatness, and more importantly, have them see their own greatness. Tim is a kind of extraordinary human being that when you are done interacting with him, you will be left bigger, better, and more extraordinary than before you met him. I recommend his service not because in the moment of his coaching you will be left profoundly better, but because your life will forever have shifted in such a way you will not even know could be possible. So, if you are ready to have differences made in your life, and a life that you love and worth celebrating, Tim is YOUR coach.